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WG 3 Utilization

Utilization and products


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Natascia MAGAGNOTTI   Janine SCHWEIER              
Leader WG 3    Vice leader WG 3











Coppice forests traditionally provided an array of different products and services to rural societies. Some of those products (e.g. tannin from bark) has been outdated due to synthetic alternatives, but is still relevant for high-grade leather materials. Other products like firewood are still of local interest and in addition to this could be an important resource for modern renewable bioenergy systems. In WP3 traditional and possible advanced groups of products, including non-wood-products like mushroom and honey, were identified and figures about tentative productivity explored.

A second issue of WG 3 was harvesting and procurement technology. In many cases coppice forests are in steep, difficult-to-access terrain where forest road infrastructure is poor. Furthermore, the dimension of coppice trees (piece/volume-ratio) is unfavourable. These facts create a special challenge for technically feasible and economically viable harvesting and logistic systems. Existing knowledge and literature was compiled, including productivity and cost figures. Out of this information a catalogue of best practices for different typical cases will be developed and bases of best practice were identified by COST Partners and used for practical training and dissemination.



Key Publication




  Harvesting with TonsurMotor Manual HarvestHarvesting of Hazelnut Spinelli

Pictures: Suchomel; Spinelli

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