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     (European Cooperation
     in Science and Technology)
     is a pan-European inter-
     governmental framework.

     Its mission is to enable
     break-through scientific and
     technological developments
     leading to new concepts and
     products and thereby contribute
     to strengthening Europe’s
     research and innovation

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Institution: Poznan University of Life Science
Department of Forest utilization
Role in the Action: MC member, financial rapporteur, WG 3                               

Phonenumer: +48 61 848 7761



Research interests related to EuroCoppice

  • thinning operations
  • harvester
  • forwarder
  • broadleaved species

Publications related to EuroCoppice

  • Mederski, P.S. 2013. The potential of harwester use for thinning operations in mixed birch-pine stands. Wyd. UP w Poznaniu (in Polish with English abstract).


  • Mederski, P.S., Bembenek, M., Erler, J., Giefing, D.F., 2011. Effects of innovative thinning operation in a birch stand. Acta Sci. Pol., Silv. Colendar. Rat. Ind. Lignar. 10(4), 29-38.


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  • Mederski, P.S., Bembenek, M., Hoffman, L., 2005. Analysis of the time of exposure to noise of the Vimek 606 6WD forwarder operator in selected conditions of pile timber forwarding. EJPAU, 8(3), #17.


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