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IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress 2017


Scientific Session 82a and 82b
"Traditional Coppice: Ecology, Silviculture and Socio-economic Aspects"

EuroCoppice organised Session 82 a and b at the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress that was held from September 18th to 22nd in Freiburg, Germany ( The Session management was led by the EuroCoppice Freiburg Team and it was chaired by Valeriu-Norocel Nicolescu (EuroCoppice WG2 Leader, IUFRO Unit 1.03.01 Coordinator) and Gero Becker (Chair of EuroCoppice). It took place in the Audimax of the University of Freiburg on Tuesday September 19th from 15:00-17:00 and 17:30-19:00. There were 13 presentations in total, 10 of which by EuroCoppice members, while three of five posters were also presented by EuroCoppice members. Over 60 persons attended the Traditional Coppice Session and EuroCoppice dissemination material was available to the 2000 researchers attending the Congress.

The Session addressed all aspects related to this specific management of coppice, including ecology, silviculture, management, utilization, landscape, ecosystem services, supply chain development and further socio-economic issues. It explored historical and existing coppice systems, highlighting common principles and regional differences of coppice regimes.

This event was symbolic for international coppice research as it marked the end of COST Action EuroCoppice, but also the beginning of the newly formed IUFRO Unit 1.03.01 “Traditional coppice: ecology, silviculture and socio-economic aspects”.


Presentations & presenting author

Traditional Coppice Management - Legacy and Potential: Findings and Conclusions of the European COST Network 'EuroCoppice'
Gero Becker

Terminology and multilingual glossary on Coppice terms (see the EuroCoppice Glossary)
Pieter Kofman

Harvesting of traditional coppice stands: results from 40 years of European research
Raffaele Spinelli

Factors affecting biomass and wood extraction from coppices in Europe: Productivity models and influence of technological changes.
Eduardo Tolosana

The impact of mechanized cutting on coppice mortality, re-sprouting vigor and physiology
Natascia Magagnotti

Coppice conversion, a difficult and long-lasting process in Europe
Valeriu-Norocel Nicolescu

Natural seed regeneration in chestnut coppices: a key factor in planning silvicultural management
Enrico Marcolin

Coppicing restoration in two contrasting land use situations: effects on biodiversity of vascular plants and invertebrates
Radim Hédl

Restoration of coppice-with-standards management: effects on ground vegetation and bryophytes
Beatrijs Van der Aa

Effect of tree age and stump height on initial Nothofagus antarctica stump sprouting in Chilean Patagonia
Alvaro Promis

The drivers of tree productivity in newly restored coppices: effects of tree size, competition and diversity
Radim Matula

The potential barriers to persistence and development of small scale coppice forest management in Europe
Debbie Bartlett

Legislative framework for coppice silviculture in Italy
Paola Mairota


Posters & presenting author

Restoration of plant diversity in oak coppices converted to high forests under global environmental threats
Frantisek Malis

Transformation of Castanea sativa coppice forests by selective stump reduction: chemical, physical and mechanical methods
Míriam Piqué

Silvicultural coppice management of Quillaja saponaria (quillay or soapbark tree) native forest for industrial uses in central Chile
Gustavo Cruz

Silvicultural methods for beech and mixed oak coppice stands managed by the Serbian Forest State Enterprise
Zoran Trailovic

Ecological Features of Traditional Coppice in Ukraine
Ivan Sopushynskyy


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