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Coppice Brno 2015

The Conference "Coppice forests: past, present and future" was held in Brno, CZ from April 9th to 11th and over 130 participants attended.

The EuroCoppice Action cooperated with the Conference by placing our WG 2 & 4 meeting directly prior to the Conference, allowing members to attend both easily. Many of the EuroCoppice members held presentations at the Coppice Conference.

                                 ** We were especially pleased to see young researcher who had taken part                                      

  in STSMs and our Training School in Sarajevo presenting at the Conference! **



Please follow these links for the:

Conference Book of Abstracts

Conference Website

Final Conference Timetable

Publications on "Coppice" Collection in iForest 

--> The Introduction to the iForest Collection mentions EuroCoppice & several articles are by Action Members



EuroCoppice & COST were also presented in the Conference plenary:

COST FP1301 EuroCoppice Presentation at Coppice Conference, Brno 2015

Unrau, Alicia



Conference Presentations: 1st authors are EuroCoppice members

- sorted by last name - EuroCoppice Members in italics -


Traditional coppice in South East England: the importance of workforce engagement for development
Bartlett, Debbie


Impact of commercial willow Short Rotation Coppice plantation on water and soil

Dimitriou, Ioannis; Mola-Yudego, Blas (not presented due to conflicting responsibilities)


Forest management history and its environmental impacts in SW Slovakia (case studies)

Feher, Alexander


Coppicing ability and biomass production of downy birch (Betula pubescens Ehrh.) – 4-year results

Hytönen, Jyrki


Economic feasibility of growing short-rotation coppiced birch on cutaway peatlands for bioenergy

Jylhä, Paula; Hytönen, Jyrki; Ahtikoski, Anssi


Survey of management of private owned coppice forests in Latvia

Lazdina, Dagnija; Donis, Janis; Lazdins, Andis


Rotation-end comparisons for Eucalyptus regeneration regimes (coppice versus replant) on four contrasting sites, South Africa

Little, Keith MacMillan


Integrating forest management into conservation objectives: coppice management and forest habitats in Natura 2000 and Emerald network sites

Mairota, Paola; Suchomel, Christian; Conedera, Marco; Verheyen, Kris; Heinsoo, Katrin; Buckely, Peter


Management of coppice forests in Romania – a historical approach

Nicolescu, Valeriu-Norocel; Hernea, Cornelia


The effect of harvesting on stump mortality and re-sprouting in aged oak coppice forests

Pyttel, Patrick; Fischer, Ulrich; Bauhus, Jürgen


Structure, utilization and motivation of management of private owned coppice forests – a case study from South West Germany

Suchomel, Christian; Jotz, Sarah


Operational short rotation woody crop plantations: manual or mechanised harvesting?

Vanbeveren, Stefan; Schweier, Janine; Berhongaray, Gonzalo; Ceulemans, Reinhart 



Conference Posters: 1st authors are EuroCoppice members


Production of wood from Populus nigra L. clones over two rotations
Novotná, Kateřina; Štochlová, Petra; Benetka, Vojtěch

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