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IUFRO Unit 1.03.01

IUFRO Unit 1.03.01:

"Traditional Coppice: ecology, silviculture and socio-economic aspects"


The IUFRO Unit 1.03.01 is the direct result of COST Action FP1301 EuroCoppice and will ensure that international scientific efforts on traditional coppice will continue to have a platform for exchange and cooperation. Unit 1.03.01 was officially established in October 2016 and information is available on this IUFRO website page.

Building on the European focus of the COST Action, this Unit is truly global in scope and welcomes researchers from all areas of the globe working on the topic.

If you are interested in the Unit please contact the Coordinator Norocel-Valeriu Nicolescu.


Unit Description:

The principle of coppicing is the ability of many woody plants (trees and shrubs) to regrow from cut or damaged stems or roots. Since prehistoric times, man has taken advantage of this characteristic to utilise woodlands and their products. In many regions, different and elaborate forms of coppice management have evolved over centuries, designed to produce specific resources from coppice systems of selected species cut on strict rotation cycles.

This Unit addresses all aspects related to this specific management of coppice, including ecology, silviculture, management, utilization, landscape, ecosystem services, supply chain development, greening traditional value chains and further socio-economic issues. It aims to identify common principles and analyse specific regional differences of coppice regimes and to derive strategies for the future sustainable management of this type of forest.

There is a separate IUFRO Unit for industrial short rotation coppice plantations (1.03.00 Short-rotation forestry), with which cooperation has been established.

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