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Further Publications

Examples of further publications related to EuroCoppice

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TitlePublished inEuroCoppice Member(s)Date
The Coppice Chestnut Industry in Northern Italy and South East EnglandQuarterly Journal of ForestryBartlett, DebbieJan 2016
Biomasseverteilung und Kohlenstroffpotenzial von Buchenniederwäldern in Ost-MazedonienBSc Thesis (HAFL)Guest presenter in Bucharest (Christian Aeschlimann)Dec 2015
Waldbauliche Analyse von Buchen-niederwälder in MazedonienBSc Thesis (HAFL)Guest presenter in Bucharest (Patrick Schwab)Dec 2015
Article on the EuroCoppice Conference in Bucharest (in Romanian)Revista Padurilor (Nr.5-6/2015)Nicolescu, Valeriu-NorocelDec 2015
International Coppicing: Debbie Bartlett reports on a meeting of world coppice experts
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Living Woods MagazineBartlett, DebbieJul 2015
Coppicing and Pollarding in the UK's Natura 2000 sitesQuarterly Journal of Forestry Buckley, PeterApril 2015
Hegnsproduktion og stævningsdrift I England [Fence production and coppice forestry in England] (in Danish)Træ og Møbelindustri 3/2015 pp 42-43. ISSN 1901-256X
Suadicani, K.2015
Energie uit populieren (Dutch)Eos MagazineCeulemans, Reinhart2015
Energie aus dem Niederwald (engl.: Energy from coppice forests)Forstmaschinenprofi (04)Schweier, Janine
Spinelli, Raffaele
Magagnotti, Natascia
Short, I., Campion, J., Hawe, J. and Byrne, R. 2014. The effect of stumping pole-stage sycamore in Ireland on PAR available to, and growth of, the resultant coppice. [poster]EuroCoppice COST Action meeting, GreenwichShort, Ian2015

BSc Thesis: Strukturanalyse von Buchenniederwäldern in Bosnien - Herzegowina, Lorscheider, Lea

Georg-August-Universität GöttingenThesis supervised by Dohrenbusch, Achim28-10-2014
BSc Thesis: Struktur von Buchenniederwäldern verschiedener Bestandesalter in Bosnien und Herzegowina, Dannenberg, FranziskaGeorg-August-Universität GöttingenThesis supervised by Dohrenbusch, Achim20-09-2014
Potential of short rotation forestryWhat Science can tell us - Forest Bioenergy for Europe, European Forest InstituteDimitriou, Iaonnis 2014

EuroCoppice: A new approach to influence policy to support woodland management
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Quarterly Journal of Forestry

Bartlett, Debbie

July 2014
Ignacio Sevillano, Ian Short, Conor O'Reilly, Olga M. Grant. Physiological Responses of Fagus sylvatica and Quercus robur Seedlings to Light Intensity. Poster P347 [poster]Plant Biology Europe, FESPB/EPSO 2014 Congress.Ian Short2014



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