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Chatham 2014


Field Trip Pic Chatham 1

Field Trip Pic Chatham 2Field Trip Pic Chatham 5

Images: Debbie Bartlett, 2014


EuroCoppice Event: People and Coppice

University of Greenwich, Medway, England

5th November, 2014


Following several Working Group Meetings (link here) and a field trip (pictures here), Working Group 5 Leader Debbie Bartlett organised a conference that highlighted "the people behind coppice" with individuals from different backgrounds who work with coppice.


This event aimed to give an overview of the coppice industry in South East England, with the focus on value-added production, particularly chestnut. It brought together academics and practitioners to explore the issues for different stakeholders; a setup that stimulated discussion on the differences and similarities between different countries.


Presentations were held on three main topics:

1 - The Coppice Woodland Resource,

2 - Access to the Resource Coppice, and

3 - The People Involved   --   including landowners, woodland workers and product buyers.


To wrap up the event, Faculty members joined for a research presentation by Rob Jarman on the origin of chestnut in the UK.


Attendees from outside England were asked to fill in their comments on the presentations in supplied handouts (here is the participant sheet template). Over 40 sheets were returned and these are being analysed within WG 5. Thank you to everyone who contributed!



Conference Presentations

Many thanks to all presenters; your sharing of knowledge and experience was much appreciated!



Session 1 The Resource


11.00  Keith Kirby:

11.20  Christine Reid:

11.35  Sally Marsh:





Keepers of Time  -  Origins and historical context

Protection of Coppice for Biodiversity  -  Legislative protection

Landscape and Economy  -  Coppice in the landscape



Session 2 Access to the Resource


12.15  Matthew Woodcock:

12.30 Debbie Bartlett:

12.40 Mike Bax:

12.50 Alan Sage:





Estimates of current local woodland resource  -  Production potential

On-going Coppice Survey  -  How much is being cut in S-E England?

Linking to landowners  -  The agent's role

The Local Woodland Register  -  The internet's role



Session 3 The People Involved


14.00 Anthony Frampton:

14.10 Judith Millidge:

14.20 Matt Pitts:

Managers & Workers

14.30 Tim Bell:

14.40 Nick Hilton:

14.50 John Drake:

15.00 Mike Gilman:

15.10 Steve Homewood:

15.20 Chris Letchford: 




Estate Woodland Coppice Management  -  Sealed bid tender system

The Experience of Small Woodland Owners  -  Management

Messages from woodland owners  -  What the owners want


Local Authority Perspective  -  An unusual solution in NWKent

Contracting issues in a range of woodlands - E. Sussex and Kent

45 years in Kent Chestnut Coppice  -  Specialist coppice company

Wood fuel manufacture and supply  -  Local producer and supplier

Chestnut Fencing Manufacturing - Long established Surry company

SSCG –achievements  -  Coppice cutters working together


 Field Trip Pic Chatham 4

Image: Debbie Bartlett, 2014                








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