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Florence 2014


Innovative management and multifunctional utilization
of traditional coppice forests

1st Conference of the COST Action FP 1301; February 26th, 2014, Florence, IT


1.     W. Kollert, FAO
Global view on coppice

2.   D. Travaglini, University of Florence
Mediterranean perspective on coppice

3.   G. Becker, University of Freiburg
Cost Action EuroCoppice 

4.   D. Lazdina, Latvian State Dorest Research Institute
Definitions and typology

5.   V. N. Nicolescu, University of Brasov
Ecology and silvicultural management

6.   N. Magagnotti, CNR IVALSA
Utilization and products

7.   P. Buckley, University of London
Services, protection and nature conservation

8.   D. Bartlett, University of Greenwich
The people in the woods: Coppice ownership and governance


 1.     Besim Balić, Sead Vojniković, Ćemal Višnjić, Jusuf Musić, Admir Avdagić: The Poster can be found here.

 2.     Michael Beniak, Alexander Fehér: The Poster can be found here.

 3.     Jyrki Hytönen, Lasse Aro , Olli Reinikainen: The Poster can be found here.

 4.     Rob Jarman, Frank M. Chambers, Karen Russell, Richard Harrison: The Poster can be found here.

 5.     Milun Krstic, Nenad Petrovic, Marko Perovic: The Poster can be found here.

 6.     Giorgos Mallinis, Ioannis Mitsopoulos, Dimitris Karamanoli: The Poster can be found here.

 7.     Patrick Pyttel, Jörg Kunz, Tun Weber, Daniel Kohoutek, Jürgen Bauhus: The Poster can be found here.

 8.     Patrick Schleppi , A. Zingg , M.C. Manetti, F. Pelleri, C. Becagli, M. Conedera: The Poster can be found   here.

 9.     Petra Štochlová, Kateřina Novotná, Vojtěch Benetka: The Poster can be found here.

10.   Elvin Toromani, Vasillaq Mine,Abdulla Diku,Elson Saliaj, Admir Seci: The Poster can be found here.

11.   Debby Bartlett: The Poster can be found here.



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