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Book Chapters

Book Chapters

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Chapter Title
Book Title
EuroCoppice Member(s) involved
Sustainable Biomass Potentials from Coppice Forests for Pyrolysis: Chances and Limitations. Biochar: A Regional Supply Chain Approach in View of Climate Change Mitigation (pp. 139-161). V. Bruckman, E. Apaydın Varol, B. Uzun, & J. Liu (Eds.) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/9781316337974.008Nicolescu, V., Hochbichler, E., & Bruckman, V.2016

Chapter 6: The flora and fauna of coppice woods: winners and losers of active management or neglect

Chapter 10: Coppice silviculture: from the Mesolithic to the 21st century

Europe's Changing Woods and Forests (edited by Keith Kirby and Charles Watkins), CABI (in press)Buckley, Peter2015

Chapter Five: "An Evaluation of SRCs as a Potential Carbon Neutral Source of Biomass for Energy and Chemicals" pp. 79-144, 2015
Advances in Environmental Research. Volume 43, Editors: Justin A. Daniels, Nova Science Publishers ISBN: 978-1-63482-969-4

Abel Rodrigues,
João Bordado and Margarida Mateus

Low coppice – pp. 209-225, Pollarding – pp. 225-229, Coppice-with-standards – pp. 229-240 ) (Romanian)Silvicultura II. Silvotehnica (Silviculture II. Silvicultural Operations)Nicolescu, Valeriu-Norocel  2014
Bioenergy and Prospects for PhytoremediationSustainable Biofuels An Ecological Assessment of the Future Energy. Eds: Bhardwaj, A., Zenone, T.. De-Gruyter BookDimitriou, Iaonnis 2014
Environmental Applications of poplars and willowsPoplars and willows: Trees for society and the environment. [Eds. J.G. Isebrands and J. Richardson] CABI Publishers, Oxfordshire, UK, pp. 258-335.Ceulemans, Reinhart
Dimitriou, Jannis
Heinsoo, Katrin
Weih, Martin
WillowsBiofuel Crops: Production, Physiology and Genetics [Ed. B.P. Singh]. CABI Publishers, Wallingford, UK, pp. 415-426.Weih, Martin 2013


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