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Dr. H. Oguz Coban


Institution: Süleyman Demirel University, Faculty of Forestry
Role in the Action: WG3 Member




Research interests related to EuroCoppice

  • spatial decision support systems
  • biomass supply chain
  • harvesting


Publications related to EuroCoppice

  • Coban, H. O., Eker, M., 2014. A hierarchical approach to estimate spatially available potential of primary forest residues for bioenergy. BioResources, 9(3), 4076-4093.
  • Çoban, H.O., Koc, A., Eker, M., 2010. Investigation on changes in complex vegetation coverage using multi-temporal Landsat data of Western Black Sea region- A case study. Journal of Environmental Biology, 31 (1/2), 169-178.
  • Eker, M., Çoban, H.O., 2010. Impact of road network on the structure of a multifunctional forest landscape unit in southern Turkey. Journal of Environmental Biology, 31(1/2), 157-168.


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