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Prof. Helder VIANA


Institution: Polytechnic Institute of Viseu                                                    
Role in the Action: MC substitute, WG 2

Phonenumer: +351232446600



Research interests related to EuroCoppice

  • short rotation coppice silvicultural systems
  • biomass properties yield and growth
  • inventory and planning tools in coppice forests
  • ecological effects 

Publications related to EuroCoppice

  • Viana, H., Aranha, J., Lopes, D., Cohen, W.B., 2012. Estimation of crown biomass of Pinus pinaster stands and shrubland above-ground biomass using forest inventory data, remotely sensed imagery and spatial prediction models. Ecological Modelling 226, 22-35.


  • Viana, H., Vega-Nieva, D., Ortiz Torres, L., Lousada, J., Aranha, J., 2012. Fuel characterization and biomass combustion properties of selected native woody shrub species from central Portugal and NW Spain. Fuel 102, 737–745.


  • Viana, H. (2012). Modelling and mapping aboveground biomass for energy usage and carbon storage assessment in Mediterranean Ecosystems. PhD, UTAD, Portugal, pp.428.


  • Viana, H., Lopes, D., Aranha, J., 2011. Assessment of Forest Aboveground Biomass Stocks and Dynamics with Inventory Data, Remotely Sensed Imagery and Geostatistics, in: Shaukat, S.S. (Ed.), Progress in Biomass and Bioenergy Production. InTech, pp. 107-130. ISBN: 978-953-307-491-7.


  • Viana, H., Cohen, W.B., Lopes, D., Aranha, J., 2010. Assessment of forest biomass for use as energy. GIS-based analysis of geographical availability and locations of wood-fired power plants in Portugal. Applied Energy 87, 2551-2560.
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