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Prof. Pande TRAJKOV

Prof. Pande TRAJKOV.png  

Institution: Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje
Faculty of Forestry
Role in the Action: MC member, WG 2                                                                              

Phonenumer: +389 70 517518



Research interests related to EuroCoppice

  •  revitalizition
  • overaged coppice
  • resproutin

Publications related to EuroCoppice

  • Ljubco Nestorovski, Pande Trajkov Georgi Hinkov Stjepan Dekanic Milivoj Vuckovic:Contribution towards energetic potential and possibilities for forestry biomass energy utilization from coppice forests in some countries of south-eastern Europe. , Silva Balcanica, 10(1)/2009


  • Harald Vacik, Tzvetan Zlatanov, Pande Trajkov, Stjepan Dekanic: Role of coppice forests in maintaining forest biodiversity Silva Balcanica, 10(1)/2009


  • Branko Stajic, Tzvetan Zlatanov, Ivaylo Velichkov, Tomislav Dubravac, Pande Trajkov: Past and recent coppice forest management in some regions of South eastern Europe Silva Balcanica, 10(1)/2009


  • Pande Trajkov, Petrush Ristevski, Atanas Gligorov, Nikolcho Velkovski, 2001, Productivity of coppice forest stands of sessile-flowered oak (Quercus petrea) on mountain Ograzden, Annual Proceeding of the Faculty of Forestry-Skopje, Vol.37.,(in macedonian).


  • Pande Trajkov, 2000, Trees growth in the sessile-flowered forest stands at the mountain Ograzden, Jubilee yearbook, Faculty of Forestry-Skopje., (in macedonian).


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