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Pierre Ackermann

Pierre Ackerman.png  

Institution: Stellenbosch University
Department of Forest and Wood Science                                                            
Role in the Action: WG 3

Phonenumber: +27218083293



Research interests related to EuroCoppice

  • forest operations
  • logistics
  • harvesting
  • systems costing
  • forest economics


Publications related to EuroCoppice

  • Ackerman P, Belbo H, Eliasson L, de Jong A, Lazdins A, Lyons J. 2014. The Cost model for calculations of forest operations costs. International Journal of Forest engineering. Vol. 25, No 1, 75 – 81.


  • Ackerman PA, Ham C, Dovey S, du Toit B, de Wet J, Kunneke A, Seifert T, Meincken M, von Doderer C. 2013. The use of forest residue for bioenergy in southern Africa. ICFR Bulletin Series 03/2013. Scotsville: Institute for Commercial Forestry Research.


  • Ackerman PA, Lyons J, Eliasson L, Belbo H. 2013. Development and harmonization of new operational research and assessment procedures for sustainable forest biomass supply. EU COST Action FP0902. Brussels: European Cooperation in Science and Technology.


  • Lu C, Ackerman PA. 2012. Work study nomenclature and protocols: a literature review. ICFR Bulletin Series 03/2012. Scotsville: Institute for Commercial Forestry Research.


  • Ackerman PA, Talbot B, Dahlin B. 2014. Biomass harvesting and logistics. In: Seifert T (ed), Bioenergy from Wood: Sustainable Production in the Tropics. Berlin: Springer. pp 109-135.
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