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Kristaps Makovskis

  Kristaps Makovskis 

Institution: Latvian State Forest Research Institute
Role in the Action: WG1 Member,

Phonenumber:+371 26376045



Research interests related to EuroCoppice

  • SRC economics
  • willow plantations
  • poplar plantations


Publications related to EuroCoppice

  •  Makovskis K., Lazdina D. (2015) Potential areas of low productivity agriculture lands for SRC energy wodd production in Vidzeme region. Research For Rural Development. LLU : Jelgava, pp.288-292 ISNN 1691-4031
  • Rancane s., Makovskis K., Lazdina D., Daugaviete M., Gutmane I., Berzins P. (2014) Analysis of economical, social and environmental aspects of agroforestry systems of trees and perennial herbaceous plants. Agronomy Research, Volume 12 Number 2 . Estonian Agricultural University, ISNN 1406-894X  pp. 589 – 602.
  • Makovskis K, Lazdiņa D, Bite L. (2012) Economic calculations of short rotation willow plantations in Latvia. In:  Research For Rural Development 2012. Annual 18th International Scientific Conference Proceedings II. LLU : Jelgava, pp.224-229 ISNN 1691-4031
  • Lazdiņa D., Zālītis T., Dzedons J., Bārdulis A., Lībiete-Zālīte Z., Bārdule A., Makovskis K. (2012) Productivity and Biomass Parameters of Annual and Biennial Plantings of Willows in Latvia's Western Coastal Area.  Recent Researches in Environment, Energy Systems and Sustainability: Proceedings of the 8th WSEAS International Conference on Energy, Environment, Ecosystem and Sustainable Development (EEESD'12). Faro (Portugal): University of Algarve,  pp. 125-129.  978-1-61804-088-6


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