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Luc De Keersmaeker



 luc de keersmaeker  

Institution: Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO)
Role in the Action: WG4 Member




Research interests related to EuroCoppice

  • Forest ecology
  • Forest dynamics
  • Forest vegetation
  • Landscape ecology
  • Forest nutrient cycling


Publications related to EuroCoppice

  • Baeten L, Bauwens B, De Schrijver A, De Keersmaeker L, Van Calster H, Vandekerkhove K, Roelandt B, Beeckman H, Verheyen K (2009) Compositional changes (1954-2000) in the forest herb layer following the cessation of coppice-with-standards management and soil acidification. Applied Vegetation Science. 12: 187–197.
  • De Keersmaeker L, Vandekerkhove K, Verstraeten A, Baeten L, Verschelde P, Thomaes A, Hermy M, Verheyen K (2011) Clear-felling effects on colonization rates of shadetolerant forest herbs into a post-agricultural forest adjacent to ancient forest. Appl Veg Sci 14:75-83
  • Van Calster H, Baeten L, De Schrijver A, De Keersmaeker L, Rogister J E, Verheyen K, Hermy M (2007) Management driven changes (1967 - 2005) in soil acidity and the understory plant community following conversion of a coppice-with-standards forest. Forest Ecology and Management 241, 258-271
  • Van Calster H, Baeten L, Verheyen K , De Keersmaeker L, Dekeyser S, Rogister JE, Hermy M (2008) Diverging effects of different overstorey conversion scenarios on the understorey vegetation in a former coppice-with-standards forest. Forest Ecology and Management 256, 519-528


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