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Prof. Alexander FEHER


Institution: Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra                                                   
Department of Sustainable Development                                                        
Role in the Action: MC member, WG 4

Phonenumer: +421 907 890753



Research interests related to EuroCoppice

  • biodiversity
  • nature conservation
  • forest history
  • short rotation coppice
  • landscape ecology

Publications related to EuroCoppice

  • Feher A.: The historical development, state and conservation of steppic woods in Slovakia. In: Steppe oak woods and pannonic sand steppes conference, 6-8 October 2011, Kecskemet, Hungary. -- Budapest : Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate, 2011. -- 978-963-8470-22-5. -- p. 26-27.


  • Feher A., Halmova D., Koncekova L.: Gradient analysis of importance of spontaneously occurring vascular plant species in energy tree and grass stands. Acta regionalia et environmentalica, Vol. 10, Nr. 2, p. 29-31.


  • Feher A., Wander M.: Assessment of sustainable land use. In: Rural development and land use. -- 1st ed.. -- 395 p.. -- 978-91-86189-11-2. -- Uppsala : Baltic University Press, 2012. -- p. 243-255.


  • Lutkova, M., Feher A. et al.: Biodiversity of sponataneous vegetation in short rotation coppice of hybrid Populus x canescens. In: CCEDEP 2012. -- 1. ed.. -- 238 p.. -- 978-80-555-0607-4. Climate change, economic development, environment and people conference. -- Presov : Presovska univerzita, 2012. -- p. 177-181.


  • Feher A., Halmova D., Koncekova L.: Spontaneous associated plants in short rotation coppice: challenge for invaders. In: Neobiota 2012. -- 1. ed. -- 365 p. Neobiota. -- Leon : GEIB Grupo Especial en Invasiones Biologicas, 2012. -- p. 330.



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