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Institution: University Tras Montes Alto Douro                                             
Unit Silviculture
Role in the Action: MC member, WG 2

Phonenumer: +351 259 350 886



Research interests related to EuroCoppice

  • typology
  • silviculture and management
  • utilization
  • modelling
  • Obs: WK1, 2 & 3

Publications related to EuroCoppice

  • Loureiro, A. and Carvalho, J., 1998. Technical Report Proj. 'Improvement of Coppice Forests in the Mediterranean Region', UTAD, Vila Real.


  • Carvalho, J. and Loureiro, A. 1996. Stool and root resprouting according to different cutting seasons in a Quercus pyrenaica Willd. coppice, Annali Istituto Sperimentale Selvicoltura, Vol. 27: 83-88.


  • Carvalho, J. and Parresol, B., 2003. Additivity in tree biomass components of Pyrenean oak (Quercus pyrenaica Willd.). For. Ecol. Manag. 179: 269-276.


  • Carvalho, J., 2007. Conservation, regeneration and management of oak forests [in portuguese]. In: Silva J. (Ed.), Os Carvalhais. FLAD Chp III, 229-248.


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