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Buckley Peter

Peter Buckley.png  

Consultant Ecologist
Role in the Action: Leader WG 4

Phonenumer: +44 1233 720816



Research interests related to EuroCoppice

  • habitat restoration
  • forest ecology
  • conservation
  • silvicultural systems

Publications related to EuroCoppice

  • Buckley G.P. (1992 ed.) Ecology and management of coppice woodland.  Chapman & Hall, London.


  • Buckley G.P., Howell R., Watt T.A., Ferris-Kaan R. and Anderson M.A. (1997) Vegetation succession following ride edge management in lowland plantations and woods – 1: The influence of site factors and management factors. Biological Conservation 82, 289-304.


  • Gove B., Power S.A., Buckley G.P. and Ghazoul J (2007)  Effects of herbicide spray drift and fertiliser over-spread on selected species of woodland ground flora: comparison between short-term and long-term impact assessments and field surveys.  Journal of Applied Ecology 44, 374-384.


  • Ambrose-Oji B., Buckley G.P., Woodgate G.R. and Wood R. (2010) Sustainable Forest Management and the Politics of Sustainable Development. Centre for Development, Environment and Policy, School of African and Oriental Studies, University of London.


  • Hietalahti M and Buckley G.P. (2013) Responses of two woodland geophytes to disturbance caused by soil translocation.  Plant Ecology  214, 1091-1103.


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