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Bartlett Debbie  

Institution: University of Greenwich
Department of Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Environmental Sciences
Role in the Action: MC member, leader WG 5

Phonenumer: +44(0)208 331 8478 or +44(0)7974 162045



Research interests related to EuroCoppice

  • landscape
  • socio-economics
  • woodland management
  • ecology

Publications related to EuroCoppice

  • Bartlett D M F (2012) Affordable Housing for Rural Enterprise Living Woods Nov-Dec 2012 pages 41-2


  • Bartlett D M F (2011) In pursuit of the truth about the coppice woodland management in the South East. In Practice 73 pages 20-21


  • Bartlett D M F (2011) Identifying Issues for the Coppice Industry QJF 105 (2) pages 131-134


  • Bartlett, D. M. F. & Rossney, D. (2007) Socio-economic Analysis of the Coppice Industry in South East England. Quarterly Journal of Forestry October 2007 101 (4) p285-290


  • Bartlett, D. M. F. (2006) Coppice Industry Training & Development in the South East in Coppice for the 21st Century CANW
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