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Andis Bārdulis

Andis Bārdulis.png  

Institution: Latvia State Forest Research Institute                                                                     
Role in the Action: MC member, WG 2

Phonenumber: +37126886361



Research interests related to EuroCoppice

  • Publications
  • growing perspectives
  • field experiments
  • carbon sequestration


Publications related to EuroCoppice

  • A. Bārdule, S. Ranccane, I. Gutmane, P. Berzins, V. Stesele, D. Lazdina, A. Bardulis (2013). The effect of fertilizer type on hybrid aspen increment and seed yield of perennial grass cultivated in the agroforestry system. Agronomy Research 11 (1), 13-25.


  • D. Lazdiņa, K. Liepiņš, A. Bārdule, J. Liepiņš, A. Bārdulis (2013). Wood ash and wastewater sludge recycling success in fast-growing deciduous tree – birch and alder plantations. Agronomy Research 11 (2), 347-356.


  • D. Lazdiņa, A. Bārdulis, A. Bārdule, M. Zeps, Ā. Jansons (2014). The first three-year development of ALASIA poplar clones AF@, AF6, AF7, AF8 in biomass short rotation coppice experimental cultures in Latvia. Agronomy Research 12 (2), 543-552.


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