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Dr. Katrin HEINSOO

Dr. Katrin HEINSOO.png  

Institution: Estonian University of Life Sciences
Department of Botany
Role in the Action: MC member, WG 4                                                                        

Phonenumer: +3727311882



Research interests related to EuroCoppice

  • short rotation coppice
  • phytoremedation
  • production, biodiversity
  • canopy density 

Publications related to EuroCoppice

  • Heinsoo, K.; Sild, E.; Koppel, A. (2002). Estimation of shoot biomass productivity in Estonian Salix plantations. Forest Ecology and Management, 170(1-3), 67 - 74.


  • Toome, Merje; Heinsoo, Katrin; Holm, Bert; Luik, Anne (2010). The influence of canopy density on willow leaf rust (Melampsora epitea) severity in willow short rotation coppice. Biomass & Bioenergy, 34(8), 1201 - 1206.


  • Holm, B.; Heinsoo, K. (2013). The influence of composted sewage sludge on the wood yield of willow short rotation coppice - an Estonian case study. Environment Protection Engineering, 39(1), 17 - 32.


  • Heinsoo, K.; Holm, B. (2008). Use of municipal wastewater and composted wastewater sludge in willow short rotation coppice in Estonia. In: Proceedings of the International Conference of Construction for a Sustainable Environment: Construction for a Sustainable Environment, Vilnius, Lithuania, 1-4 July, 2008. (Toim.) R.W. Sarsby, T. Meggyes. Great Britain: CRC Press / Balkema, 2008, 463 - 470.


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