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     (European Cooperation
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     is a pan-European inter-
     governmental framework.

     Its mission is to enable
     break-through scientific and
     technological developments
     leading to new concepts and
     products and thereby contribute
     to strengthening Europe’s
     research and innovation

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Institution: Bulgarian Academy of science
Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem research (IBER)
Role in the Action: MC member, WG 4

Phonenumer: +359 877 555 628



Research interests related to EuroCoppice

  • ecosystem functions
  • ecosystem integrity
  • resilience, ecosystem services
  • ecosystem management


Publications related to EuroCoppice

  • Eli Kachaunova, Dimitar Dimitrov, Svetla Bratanova-Doncheva, Nesho Chipev, 2013 (in press) - LONG-TERM DYNAMICS OF THE GRASS VEGETATION COVER AT THE UPPER TREE LIMIT IN PIRIN MOUNTAIN (SOUTHWESTERN BULGARIA), Comptes rendus, BAS


  • Svetla Bratanova-Doncheva1, Violeta Dimitrova 2, Radka Fikova1, Kostadin Katrandziev1, Nesho Chipev1, 2014 (in press) - Resilience of ecosystem services –applying ecosystem function and integrity concepts to natural sweet chestnut forests in Belasitza Mountain (SW Bulgaria) - Acta Horticulture


  • Svetla Bratanova-Doncheva, Nesho Chipev, 2013 (in press) - ECOSYSTEM RESILIENCE AND ECOSYSTEM SERVICES, Proceeding - Sci. Conf. "New Ecology"
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